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Welcome From the Dean

Проф. др Томислав Брзаковић ( Декан – Редовни професор)

Prof. Tomislav Brzaković, PhD

Dear students,
The choice of faculties is of strategic importance, because the faculty determines your life course in the long run. The purpose of studying is to teach you to think critically and creatively and then to change reality. That's the meaning of life. Investment in education is not a cost. This is the most cost-effective investment. The Faculty is the temple of knowledge in which you should enter the joyful. Learning about a new and expanding perspective is the most important need in the world. MEF faculty will encourage you to gain practical and applicable knowledge in economics, finance, management and IT that will enable you to become a world class-MEF class. With the diploma of the MEF Faculty all roads are open to you. I want you to achieve life and business success.