Факултет за примењени менаџмент, економију и финансије (МЕФ)

Мастер студијеМастер академске студије


Constant training is the surest way to a successful career.

Planning and Process Management

Applied Economics and Finance

Мастер студије - Информационе технологије - Лука Илић - МЕФ

Information Technology

  • ECTS number: 120
  • Duration: 1 year
  • Звање: Master Engineer of
    Information Technology

The basic requirement for applying for enrollment in Master Academic Studies in Planning and Process Management and Applied Economics and Finance is 180 ECTS, ie completion of undergraduation studies.

The requirement for enrollment in the Master Academic Studies of Information Technology is acquired 240 ECTS or completion of undergraduation studies.

Master study programs Applied economics and finance and Planning and Process Management last for two years. After completing the second year, revieved title is Master Manager / Master Economist.

In the first year of Master Academic Studies in the field of Process Process Management, the student defines the module:

  1. Applied management
  2. Sport, health and tourism management

In the second year of Master Academic Studies in Applied Economics and Finance, the student defines the module:

  1. Banking and insurance
  2. Accounting and revision

Master study program of Information technology lasts one year.

Upon completion of Master Academic Studies, the student acquires the title .Master Information Technology Engineer.

At the study program Informational Technologies, the student defines one module:

  1. Internet Technology
  2. Digital Marketing

MEF faculty is fundamentally committed to academic development and stimulation of scientific research work, as a safe basis for the development of business personality. Highly qualified professors with rich practical experience as well as constant self-improvement in the professional field guarantee students high quality educational development.

Studies at the MEF Faculty were conceived in accordance with the socio – economic development of Serbia. Such a concept implies a simulation of business functions in the field of management, economics and finance, where students have the ability to master processes that take place in a real environment. Master academic studies are a kind of educational upgrade, which implies intellectual training, knowledge and skills exchange and the creation of new ideas with the aim of developing a successful career for future business leaders.

An important feature of the modern concept of studying is the ability to listen to recorded lectures. The student has access to his student account and complete lectures at any time from mobile devices-computers, tablets, mobile phones. The lessons are available to students when it suits them the most. Within master studies, there is the possibility of organizing afternoon lectures for all employed students.

MEF is a modern knowledge institution with a modern concept of education system that forms innovative entrepreneurial leaders. Professionalism in work enviroment is created on the basis of quality education at the Faculty for 21. century.