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Education is the key foundation for a secure future.

Operative Applied Managemenet

Applied Economics and Finance

Applied Information Technology

  • ECTS number: 240
  • Duration: 4 years
  • Title: Graduated Engineer of Information Technology

The current global policy is closely related to menagement, economics and information technology. The expertise of young people in these areas directly influences the progress and success of a society, community, state. The contemporary requirement of higher education is a student who creates new ideas. MEF faculty bases working atmosphere through the stimulation of creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and constructive work in the team.

MEF faculty offers the possibility to establish successful entrepreneurial leaders ready for activities in the contemporary market through interactive teaching and continuous assessment of knowledge.

Interactive teaching involves the application of theoretical knowledge in practice, which as a concept is successfully implemented through activities of Creative Workshop and Virtual Enterprise. Continuous knowledge testing is done by making the tests after each lecture, as well as the assessment of all activities of students.

An important feature of the modern concept of studying is the ability to listen to recorded lectures. The student has access to his student account and complete lectures at any time from their mobile devices. In addition to lectures, through the software platform, there is the possibility of exchanging information with other students, contact with professors and assistants, and the development of electronic tests that, according to the research, significantly influenced the better student average.

A large number of our students are involved in numerous extracurricular activities. Significant results in the field of sports, scientific research and achievements, as well as participation in international competitions and projects.

Career guidance center organizes career development consultations, trainings for improvement of personal and professional skills of students, as well as information on market trends in the labor market. MEF faculty has developed cooperation with the leading companies in Serbia, organizations, foundations and higher education institutions, thus guaranteeing students additional training and secure work place.

MEF is a modern knowledge institution with a modern concept of education system that forms innovative entrepreneurial leaders. Professionalism in work enviroment is created on the basis of quality education at the Faculty for 21. century.

Operational and applied management

  • ECTS after 3 years: 180
  • Study duration: 3 years
  • Professional title, abbreviation: Manager, Manag.

1st Year

  • Basics of management+
  • Macroeconomics+
  • Microeconomics+
  • English language 1+
  • Economics of the company+
  • Communication skills for managers+
  • Quantitative methods+
  • Information systems+
  • Italian language 1+

2nd Year

  • Accounting+
  • Management in agricultural business+
  • Business law+
  • English language 2+
  • Electronic business+
  • Marketing+
  • Business finances+
  • Organizational behavior+
  • +
  • Italian language 2+

3rd Year

  • Production management+
  • Quality management+
  • Decision-making theory+
  • Production management+
  • Brand management+
  • Virtual enterprise+

Module 1: Management of small and medium enterprises

  • Management of small and medium enterprises+
  • Energy management+
  • Ecology management+

Module 2: Management in healthcare, sport and tourism

  • Management in healthcare+
  • Management in tourism+
  • Management in sports+

Module 3: Management in aviation

  • Human resources management+
  • +
  • Logistics+
  • Management in aviation+

Module 4: Media and communications management

  • Media management+
  • Media ethics+
  • Communicology+

Applied Economics and Finances

  • Number of ects after 3 years: 180
  • Study duration: 3 years
  • Professional title, abbreviation: economist, econ.

1st year

  • Macroeconomics
  • Basics of statistics
  • english language 1
  • microeconomics
  • accounting
  • economics of the company
  • Business law
  • Italian language 1

2nd Year

  • Enterprise organization
  • Quantitative methods
  • Organizational behavior and corporate security
  • National economics
  • Business finances
  • English language 2
  • Information systems
  • Italian language 2

3rd Year

  • Economics of agribusiness
  • Business ethics
  • International economics

Module 1: Banking and insurance

  • Financial and actuarial mathematics
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Electronic business

Module 2: Accounting and auditing

  • Financial accounting
  • Auditing
  • Accounting regulations and IAS
  • Virtual enterprise
  • Professional practice

Applied Information technology

  • Number of ECTS after 4 years: 240
  • Study duration: 4 years
  • Professional title, abbreviation: Graduated Information
    Technology Engineer

1st Year

  • Basics of information technologies
  • Mathematics for information technology practitioners 1
  • Basics of programming
  • English language 1
  • Theory of systems
  • English language 2
  • Information systems design
  • Mathematics for information technology practitioners 2

2nd Year

  • Basics of statistics
  • Quantitative methods
  • Computer architecture
  • Programming
  • Operation systems
  • Enterprise organization
  • Computer networks and communications
  • Practicum in applied programming 1

3rd Year

  • Databases
  • Information systems design
  • Object-oriented programming 1

PART 1 (of 4 students choose 2)

  • Business law
  • Analysis and logical design
  • Financial and actuarial mathematics
  • Decision-making theory

PART 2 (of 4 students choose 2)

  • IS management
  • Project management
  • Mobile communications programming
  • Accounting IS

  • Electronic business
  • Multimedia systems
  • Web systems

4th Year

  • Professional practice
  • Object-oriented programming 2
  • Software engineering
  • Computer graphics

PART 3 (of 4 students choose 2)

  • Software patterns
  • Human resources management
  • Organizational behavior and corporate security
  • IS safety and protection

PART 4 (of 4 students choose 2)

  • Virtual enterprise
  • Intelligent systems
  • Media management
  • Internet marketing

  • Practicum of applied programming 2
  • Quality management
  • Final thesis