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Education for the Future

The education system has transformed, from the pure reproduction of knowledge to the need to apply knowledge in practice. Problem-solving ability, creativity, teamwork and time management are the most sought-after skills, in addition to the implied expertise. One of the basic requirements for educational institutions and ministries is for students to be trained for jobs.

The most demanded occupations today did not even exist 15-20 years ago. It sounds absurd, but accelerated development requires educating young people for jobs that do not yet exist and using technologies that are not yet in use. While some believe that education is too important to be experimented with, others believe that the most important thing for education is not to miss these changes.


Any time. Anywhere.

DLS (Distance Learning System)

MEF Faculty is accredited for distance learning. Digital technology ensures that students, no matter how physically distant they are from the faculty, continuously learn and progress and do not miss professorial lectures. Technological progress should be used as a factor that does not complicate but improves functioning. Traditional learning is transformed into online learning, through which knowledge is transmitted via the Internet (distance learning). Interaction between student and professor is improved. The electronic system keeps records of students' presence on the Moodle platform, the average number of points obtained on tests is extracted, projects and assignments are recorded through documents submitted electronically and there is always proof of completed student work assignments in the system.

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Enabling students to create ideas and not just reproduce facts, represent modern requirements of higher education. The basic motive at MEF faculty is that the system should encourage creativity and not obedience. The modern age implies the search for new solutions, focused on economic growth and progress of society. Creativity is a link that can bring together all industries and then innovation is what influences progress and development. The modern economy no longer strives only to multiply profits, but requires improving the quality of economic growth through creative capital.

Creative Innovation Center

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In addition to quality education, it is necessary to provide students with a meaningful social life. In order for students' free time to be used constructively, MEF includes additional extracurricular activities . The MEF club offers daily space for socializing, refreshment and relaxation through social games. Sports activities as well as sports competitions are unavoidable. MEF Student Parliament is intended for those students who want to actively participate in the organization of extracurricular activities such as student travel. An important segment consists of workshops for students, humanitarian actions, guest lectures by experts from various fields.

Extracurricular activities

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This sector of the MEF faculty is directly involved in the professional advancement of students. Different types of news are constantly published: conferences, events, competitions, projects for young people, competitions for professional internships. Students also have access to a special type of training through professional courses.

Career Guidance Center

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Acquisition of knowledge applicable in practice

The role of the lecturer is not only to transfer knowledge, but to actively guide students through the material, discuss with them and evaluate their progress. That is why the classes are divided into learning, discussion, research and tests-examinations. The education system at MEF completes the entire educational cycle: master, explain, show and practically perform. The requirement is for young people to be ready to work well in teams, to be initiators, to solve problems and to be creative. An important factor in acquiring the mentioned skills is the assessment of students. The best assessment is a continuous assessment of knowledge. Good lecturers evaluate their students all the time, and they are aware that there are students who absorb quickly, but also those who need more time to master the material.


Student Lecturer

In order to realize the activity "student-lecturer", students not only have to master and understand the lesson, but also have to think about how they will present the lesson in a way that will be interesting to their colleagues, which encourages them to spend more time thinking about material which significantly increases their self-confidence and communication skills. Students have a natural sense of what is interesting to their colleagues and thus act as effective lecturers.


Professional Teaching Staff

In the 21st century, young people are required to be ready for constant improvement. But for students to be advanced, lecturers need to apply the same method. Progress is reflected in the demands placed on professors as well as students. Professors at the MEF faculty are constantly updating the study program, literature, publishing scientific papers, collaborating with other lecturers and professionals, and improving educational techniques.


Chance for Everyone

People with disabilities have the same needs as people who do not have physical or mental barriers, only these needs must be met in a special way. Society and institutions are most responsible for the adequate integration of persons with disabilities into the environment, the collective, the education system and business processes. At MEF, special attention is paid to respecting the rights and needs of all students.

People who have ambitions and demands above average are also a segment around which the Faculty is constantly engaged. Traditional education does not leave enough space for students whose capacities are more advanced than traditional ones. The Innovation and Creative Center encourages scientific - research engagements with the aim of achieving progressive innovative projects of students. At MEF, the most talented students get a chance to get involved in projects, teaching processes or even business processes and in that way realize their potential while they are still in the process of studying.

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