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МЕФ ФАКУЛТЕТ - Факултет за 21 век - ходник

Faculty of Applied Management, Economics and Finance (MEF) is a modern knowledge institution with a modern educational concept. Founded in 2000 in Belgrade, is part of the University Business Academy in Novi Sad. The headquarters of the Faculty are in Belgrade, at Dorćol, Jevrejska Street no. 24/1.

Undergraduate, master and doctoral studies at the Faculty of Applied Management, Economics and Finance - MEF, are accredited and created according to the needs of modern business market. MEF faculty uses an original and extra-curricular teaching method which, alongside with interactive teaching and practical activities, enables students to master the most complex problems from practice. MEF community encourages the acquisition of practical, applicable knowledge and skills in economics, finance, management, information technology, marketing and foreign language learning as a prerequisite for employment and building a successful business career.

The study aims not only to learn new facts, theories or equations, but to encourage critical thinking. Education changes the view on world. It arouses curiosity. Curiosity is the driving force of success. It encourages creativity. That is the point of studying.

Education is magic. Life changing magic. It makes you spiritually and materially richer. Investment in education is not a cost. This is the most cost-effective investment. Education is like a magical source – a constant flow that is multiply paid. Wise people are educated throughout their lives. The Faculty is a temple of knowledge and one should be joyful to enter it. Learning and expanding perspectives is the most sublime activity.

Welcome to MEF – Faculty for the 21 st century!