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MEF Fakultet - Univerzitet privredna akademija u Novom Sadu MEF Fakultet - Univerzitet privredna akademija u Novom Sadu

University Business Academy founded in 2000. is the first private accredited university in Vojvodina. It was realized thanks to the visionary ideas of prof. Dr. Slavko Carić. The goal was that in the conditions of the accelerated reconstruction of the economy, state and judiciary, the university institution educates top personnel in the field of industrial and development management, economics, finance, law, information technology, dentistry and pharmacy. Highly qualified professional staff members, with the availability of the highest quality literature, aim to be a leader in scientific research and to contribute to the education and personal development of all participants in the process. Study programs at the University were formed according to the principles of the Bologna Declaration. University Business Academy in Novi Sad consists of five accredited faculty institutions:

Faculty of Applied Management, Economics and Finance - MEF (Belgrade)

Faculty of Economics and Engineering Management (Novi Sad)

Law Faculty of Economy and Law (Novi Sad)

Faculty of Dentistry (Pančevo)

Faculty of Pharmacy (Novi Sad)

University Business Academy, with eighteen years of tradition and experience, has accredited study programs at all three levels of academic studies (elementary, master and doctoral) and provides a recognized degree in the entire world. University Privredna akademija realizes its goals, mission and vision through the application of different methods:


The University is a signatory to the cooperation agreement in the area of education and science at the international level with a total of 33 countries. The result of cooperation with foreign higher education institutions is joint educational programs of international character, international projects within the framework of EU programs (IPA projects, Tempus projects) and student mobility in Europe. Cooperation with business entities and international cooperation is a very important factor for the development of the University and the Faculty, which are part of it. For this reason, Center for International Cooperation was established at the University Business Academy in Novi Sad.