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Project Management Intern / Пријава

14. Мај 2020 / 20:33    1557 Views  

Због неопходности знања енглеског језика за ову позицију, текст преносимо у изворном облику. Рок за пријаву је 22.05.2020. године.

MEF fakultet - Project Management Intern

Responsibilities of a Project Management Intern:

  • Complex coordination of projects, constant learning and skills improvement
  • Research, audits, competition analysis, recommendation of changes
  • Contracting global clients, handling Amazon and other on-line stores
  • Solving creatively eCommerce problems of the biggest global brands
  • Cooperating with a team of specialists who support each other and together create a friendly and exciting workplace

Our requirements:

  • Independence and proactive approach
  • Analytical and logical thinking
  • English language proficiency – at least C1 level
  • Any additional language (except Serbian) is an extra!
  • Creativity and non-schematic thinking
  • Interests in the eCommerce industry

We offer:

  • Paid internship, up to 6 months
  • Development and training in eCommerce skills and knowledge
  • Work in an international agency team without rigid corporate rules
  • A chance to get employment after

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