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Конкурс за посао MindableMedia / Обавештење

15. Децембар 2020 / 13:11    1633 Views  

Због природе практиканске позиције и неопходности за знањем енглеског језика, преносимо оглас у изворном облику. Рок за пријаву: 23.12.2020. путем следећег линка.

MEF fakultet - MindableMedia

We are looking to hire a Social Media Specialist for an Internship position. Hiring for a full-time position (possible remote work).

Requirements & Responsibilities:

  • Managing social media accounts and systematically posting content across various platforms and accounts
  • Monitoring various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Has an eye for detail in order to go over posts and their engagements across platforms
  • Very well organized, detail oriented, and a plus if there is a sense for fashion and styling
  • High level spoken & written in English, an advantage for another language
  • Verbal, Communicative and can articulate in English, from writing text upon content uploading
  • Preferably a recent graduate or still in college, with a keen mindset in social media
  • Brainstorming for ideas as part of the team and surfacing suggestions for increasing productivity & exposure for our brand

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