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European COST Action 19139 (2020-2024): PROCLIAS Process-based models for climate impact attribution across sectors


21.01.2022. 00:26 | 758

<strong>European COST Action 19139 (2020-2024): PROCLIAS Process-based models for climate impact attribution across sectors</strong>

SCOPE: As part of other PROCLIAS activities, this workshop will focus on climate impacts in agriculture, forestry and food industries. This ranges from direct climate cross-impacts to / from crops and farm animals to socio-economic implications for the populations and value-added production (food, forest products, etc). The intent is to assess the effects of some key climate and parametric climate policy changes from data /models/ observations, and to provide equilibrium solutions relevant in agriculture. The workshop will also include a session of hands-on work, to demonstrate the difficulties involved in exploiting heterogeneous scientific and economic data, and to analyze or quantify objectively climate cross-impacts in agriculture. The workshop language is English.



We welcome scientific contributions to the workshop. Authors are invited to submit long abstracts dealing with methodology, climate impact model results, data repositories, detailed case studies, and different specific adaptation measures (from crop science to hydrology, from policies to land use, etc..). Submissions should be in the form of 800-word long abstracts in English (including max 10 references), plus eventually supplementary data sets (in electronic spreadsheet format). They should be sent to Program Committee at: lpau@nypost.dk.

Submission deadline: Feb 15, 2022

Notification of decisions: Feb 18, 2022





  1. Upon registration participants have to outline how they intend to contribute to this workshop and the follow-up work of the Task Group. If more participants register than funding is available, the organization committee will select participants eligible for reimbursement based on existing COST rules and their contribution to the workshop and its follow-up activities. Reimbursement has to follow COST rules and there is no guarantee all costs can be covered.
  2. In the event Serbian authorities may have introduced travel restrictions due to the COVID situation, all participants must follow them closely. Please also observe the COST recommendations and planning your journeys (https://www.cost.eu/cost-actions-event/action-networking-tools/covid-19-information-for-cost-actions/) and do not make unreasonable travel commitments; especially all bookings are advised to be made with cancellation options as in the event of cancellation no refunding is possible.
  3. Local organizers can cancel the event in the case of COVID restrictions implemented by Serbian authorities make it impossible to hold such activities as the planned workshop.


We would like to point out that in connection with this workshop, personal data such as your contact details will be processed by the Organizers. This data will be processed exclusively for the purpose of contacting you, providing you with information and inviting you to this event, in compliance with the EU GDPR rules. Data economy, data minimization as well as your rights as affected parties are extremely important to us. If you have any objections, please contact organizers. The organizers will ask for your written consent for the production and publication of any photo, audio and video recordings at the beginning of the event.

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