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КОНКУРС ЗА ПРАКСУ „Accounting intern“ – Becky.works / Belgrade

12.04.2023. 17:44 | 907

КОНКУРС ЗА ПРАКСУ „Accounting intern“ – Becky.works / Belgrade

Због природе практиканске позиције и неопходности за знањем енглеског језика, преносимо оглас у изворном облику. Рок за пријаву је: 24.04.2023.
Линк за пријаву: https://careers.becky.works/jobs/1196246-junior-accountant

Accounting intern

Do you want to start your accounting career in an international team?

We are looking for ambitious, proactive, and highly motivated students and fresh graduates. If you are a team player, but also an individualist who thinks outside the box and you like to work in a dynamic and challenging environment — You are in the right place!

Together we provide financial services for our Western European clients according to the applicable accounting rules of their country. We work, drink, chat, train, and have fun altogether to get the best out of ourselves!


Job Requirements:

What we offer:

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