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Конкурc за праксу „Trainee in Payments & Checkouts – IKEA Srbija“ / Обавештење

24.08.2021. 20:00 | 1024

<strong>Конкурc за праксу „Trainee in Payments & Checkouts – IKEA Srbija“</strong> / Обавештење

Због природе практиканске позиције и неопходности за знањем енглеског језика, преносимо оглас у изворном облику. Рок за пријаву: 04.09.2021. Линк за пријаву.

You see things a little differently. So do we. We believe that what you value is more important than what your CV says. We offer positions that will challenge your skills and let you grow. Come see things a little differently with us. Have you heard for BNPL or do you maybe know what is instant payment? Do you see EFT terminals at stores? What is POS and what POD?

Candidate’s profile:

What we are offering:

IKEA South East Europe is an exciting and empowering region with great growth agenda in all countries Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Ukraine. We currently operate 6 stores and we will open 1 new one in the upcoming period. We strongly encourage and warmly welcome applications of people of all cultures, backgrounds and experiences because we believe that diversity in IKEA makes us stronger.

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